Sacred Sundays: Not Doin’ Much But This

Not doin' much but this

Not doin’ much but this

It’s Time For Another Random Moment of Delight.

Do you ever feel like you are a spectator in your own life, troubled by time passing by and you not eeking the divine delight out of your life that is available to us at all moments?

Mike says:  Don’t Get Trapped Outside Your Own Home . . . . Go Jump in the Leaves.

A friend of ours says that asking how to realize the true self is much like facing a large field covered with snow that has not yet been walked on and asking, “Where is the path?”  The answer is to walk across it and there will be a path.  You can’t find out first how to “realize the true self” and then set out to reach some clearly visualized goal.  Rather, you gotta walk on in faith and as you go on, the goal appears, not before, nor within, nor beyond us, but it does appear . . . and it appears to no-one, and it appears no-where.  It appears not in a revelation of a fact but a transformation of our hearts in which, without knowing how, divinity and the gift of life become alive in us.

It’s like a man who, while out walking alone on a bitter cold and starless night, unexpectedly comes upon a large, warm looking house.  Upon approaching the house and pressing his space against the window, he sees himself sleeping comfortably before the fire!  Suddenly he realizes that he is trapped outside his own house.  He realizes his life is rich, yet he stands impoverished.  He is secure yet he stands on the edge of death.  Frantically, he begins to pound upon the window yelling loudly to be let in.  But the self inside does not hear and as he pounds and strains with effort, the glass barrier dividing him from his life only grows thicker.  At long last he relizes that all efforts of brute force achieve nothing, so he sits quietly in the snow overcome by a growing single silent desire, by an unfaltering hope, that he might be one with himself.  This desire, though appearing powerless, awakens the self within and with this awakening the glass dissolves.  The house dissolves and he discourse that he was really at home all along and did not know it.

-thoughts on James Finley’s “Merton’s Palace of Nowhere”

4 Comments on “Sacred Sundays: Not Doin’ Much But This

  1. This is a VERY powerful post. The metaphor of the cozy house and being locked outside is just delicious when resolved with ‘silent desire, by an unfaltering hope.’ Thank you for this inspiring post, rich in depth and discovery. And thank you for joining RMoD again this week!

      • I’m really glad you spread his thoughts to a wider audience. I like such visual and sensory metaphors, I can then hook my imagination into them and ‘melt the window glass’ so to speak. One of my most powerful visualizations is to imagine my ‘source self’ with unlimited joy just waiting on the other side of this big door. I can sense it.. for me it looks like a beautiful green glimmering forest. Then I open the door and the goodness pours all over my life, green flowing everywhere.

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