Dark Baba (Baba Ganoush, with skin)

Plating up (1 of 1)

Baba Ganoush, or Mutabal, is a dip or spread made with roasted eggplant, olive oil, tahini and lemon.  My recipe research and memory from reading gags of cookbooks and cooking magazines over the years yielded little variation on this recipe, and for good reason:  it’s so good with just those four ingredients.  I’ve also seen cumin included, and of course there’s salt and pepper. Read More

Kyoho Grape and Cucumber Relish

Grape Cucumber Relish (25 of 30)

Kyoho Grapes (1 of 1)

Kyoho grapes are softer than your average supermarket grape that is available year round, and more prone to damage.  At best they will last a week before fermentation sets in.  They are a Concord cross and have a wonderful, heady, jammy aroma.  While they have seeds and I normally shy away from seeded grapes, when I first sampled the kyoho this week at my favorite farmer’s market I was so smitten I bought some, not caring that I would spend a bit of time slicing and seeding them. Read More

Croque Madame Crostini

The Madame Crostini, Before Breaking the Yolks

The french sandwich Croque Monsieur becomes a Madame when adorned with a fried egg.  It is a very sensual and decadent sandwich, also quite messy to eat.  I have turned the Madame into a Madame Crostini, making it somewhat easier to eat and a little less filling.   Read More

Visit Me in Los Angeles! (A Guide)

Sticky Bun at Larder at Tavern?

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This post has helped me organize my thoughts and goals for Sofia (at Papaya Pieces) and Patty‘s (Patty Nguyen) visit in September.  I’m so excited!  We’re packing a lot in, but since we’ll put Sofia on a plane right away to Europe, she can sleep off her exhaustion; Patty has to go back to a schoolroom full of . . . highschoolers, so I’m not so sure what we’ll do with her for her recovery. Read More

My Perfect Bifteck Haché

Special Sandwiches

It wouldn’t be hard for you to guess the first meal I cooked for us upon our return from Oregon and countless meals of baked goods, berries, and hazelnuts, would it?  No.  A burger.  Except I’m calling it Bifteck Haché, a name I quite like, thanks to a suggestion from Fitz.  Indeed this was the perfect homecoming dish after a day that began by (1) Being rudely awakened to the sound of police helicopters for 2 hours; (2) the neighborhood cacophony of leaf blowers; (3) then what turned out to be a 2 hour trip to the post office to gather up our held mail, in which the elusive postal window man would periodically disappear and simply, smugly close his door to the line full of increasingly rageful customers, one of whom was yours truly.  Read More

Fresh Corn Ginger Soup

Corn Soup 1 (1 of 1)

Fresh corn is truly one of summer’s treasures, and when it’s good, it needs little embellishment.   Read More

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